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Open Source Software in an Industrial Setting: Why Open Source, and the Issues

By Richard S. Huntrods, P.Eng.

Presented to the 17th IFIP World Computer Congress, Montreal, P.Q., August 2002



This presentation describes the development of an Industrial client/server application with respect to key requirements concerning development environment, deployment tools and platforms. The use of Open Source solutions is compared to the use of proprietary solutions, with a detailed benefit analysis of the chosen Open Source solution.

The presentation also briefly discusses Open Source software in general, and the role it can play in many areas of IT interest, from industrial development to education.

The author concludes that Open Source software solutions provide significant benefits to the developer of industrial client/server products in the areas of security, cost (both initial and long-term) and risk.



A 43k pdf of the presentation (3 slides per page) is available for viewing or download using the link, below.

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