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There are several books that I like, and your best bet may be to browse in a bookstore and select a book which "talks to you". That is, spend some time reading a chapter on any topic that gave you some trouble in the current text. Then, if the book makes things clearer, and you like the style of writing and the font/spacing, buy that book. They're all pretty competant.

However, here are some of my choices to get you going.

Some people quite like the 3rd edition of "Java - How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel (1st and 2nd edition are unreadable due to typeface and font).

"The Java Tutorial - Second Edition" by Campione and Walrath is also quite good.

Finally, "Java, A Framework for Programming and Problem Solving" is well recommended by folks I have spoken to. It is by K. Lambert and M. Osborne.

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