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java development environments (ide's)

I have found the best development environment for all my Java programming is to use the standard Sun Java SDK (version 1.2 or newer) and a good programming editor (not notepad!). The editor I currently use is 'The Crimson Editor', which is full featured, and free.

If you simply must use an integraged development environment, Borland's JBuilder, version 4 or 5 is good - BUT - do not use the "visual builder" (or whatever it's called) to build ANY Gui. It generates tons of "crap" code that will make your life miserable - trust me! . If you use JBuilder 4.x just as an editor/compiler/run & debug environment, then you will probably have fun.

Also recommended - Eclipse, NetBeans, Together, VisualAge, VisualJ (not Microsoft), Kawa, Forte. Some are free (go to for a list), but some cost quite a bit. Here are some links: (now owned by Borland)


VisualJ (Microsoft) - it is out of date and won't be upgraded.

Borland JBuilder 3 "university edition" (comes on the CD with many Java books). Old and very out-of-date. You will regret any time spent trying to use this version. Version 4 or 5 are much better.

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